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    $0™à§x„iÌ”E Wâ™\»_„iÌ”E xi E ™à _W}. %0\ü——x»——}º™\³€”E hWF\P xix Free Ar Living Water: Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy. VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER and the. PATH of NATURAL ENERGY. Compiled by Riley Hansard Crabb. & Thomas Maxwell Thompson. Revised Edition of. published Living Water which is a popular introduction to Viktor Schauberger, the man and his mission. This lovely little book has since gone through five.

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    Viktor Schauberger Pdf

    Who Was Viktor Schauberger? 2. New Techniques of Water Management. 39 . 3. Schauberger's Teachings on Water. 4. The Life and Death of a Forest. forests, Viktor Schauberger, a forester, observing how a trout could maintain its station in the midst of a turbulent stream, discovered the secret of living water. Author: Schauberger Viktor Title: The Energy Evolution Harnessing free energy from nature Year: Link download.

    For T hroughout recorded history humanity has been periodically uplifted by the contributions of a few gifted and enlightened individuals, whose teachings their work an enormous dedication and courage is necessary. Historically, and Viktor Schauberger was no exception, the lives such individuals have led have been dogged with and philosophy have gradually raised the confrontation, difficulty, doubt and the great level of human awareness; the Buddha, Jesus loneliness of the path-finder, or the individ- Christ and the Prophet Mohammed being ual who stands alone far out in front on evo- the most familiar examples of how a single lution's upward way. As pioneers, apart individual can produce far-reaching changes from breaking new ground, they also suffer in the consciousness of humanity. Lesser great adversity in their encounters with the mortals have also played a vital role in this powerful opposition of those whose interests process and the seeding of human conscious- and beliefs are rigidly immured in the cur- ness with higher truths always seems to rent status quo. Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei, come to It is sometimes said that these great teach- mind who devoted their whole lives to the ers, themselves ardent students of Nature understanding of the universe and the and the Divine, lived ahead of their time. At raising of human consciousness. In the main first view this would appear to be true, but they were only permitted a view into their on further reflection it becomes apparent Promised Land, a vista over the unfolding of that they lived precisely when they should their life's work, but almost without excep- have, for otherwise they could not have tion had to forgo the passage into the new provided the vision or the direction neces- and the reaping of the fruits of their travails. In most instances a signpost is long tion, their end was often clothed in misery forgotten and unheeded if it lies behind, and and penury, as though the gods would exact to be of any use it must of necessity stand from them the very last ounce of personal out ahead in order to indicate the new way. Many of these enlightened indi- Many such human signposts have punc- viduals died alone, unloved, unwanted and tuated the passage of humanity's progress, unsung. To this Prof. Philipp Forchheimer, a hydrologist of day no-one knows where Kepler's body lies. Another was Prof. Werner He too had had a vision and, through his Zimmermann, a Swiss, who published arti- meticulous study of the movement of the cles by Viktor in his ecologically oriented planets, produced his great work, Harmonices magazine Tau between and

    Imagine waking up to find there never was a fossil fuel economy. We became an advancing civilization worthy of the definition, civilized. Three reactor core meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi is the deadliest disaster in our history; notice how the PSQ and its controlled media shy away from this infernal, eternal horror.

    Consumers of only mainstream media might think the problem is contained. War is a top PSQ weapon of mass control. The PSQ responds with more destruction…. Nikola and Viktor were keen on not letting their natural gifts to humanity be weaponized for population reduction, and control of more land and resources. Surely our stars took many secrets of nature to their graves…. A perpetual fitting of humanity with cement overshoes for control, and profit in a biosphere being ransacked for profit, and control.

    Viktor Schauberger - The Fertile Earth.pdf - Free Energy

    Freethinkers know this, but most people are victims of another PSQ weapon of mass control: education. P Morgan. Public electrocutions of animals all the way up to a surplus circus elephant—to show the menace of high-voltage AC.

    Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger lived and worked in extremely different environments, but had the most intricately perfect cosmic bond, nature.

    His father was a Serbian Orthodox priest. Nikola received an advanced education in engineering and physics in the s, studying at the Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, and later attended the Charles-Ferdinand University in Prague. He spent much of his life in laboratories, mostly in New York.

    Viktor Schauberger was born in in Holzschlag, Upper Austria. His father was a forest ranger.

    Viktor Schauberger - The Fertile - Free Energy PDF ( Free | Pages )

    Viktor was educated in the Forests of Austria, receiving an advanced education from Nature. He has been described as a forest caretaker, philosopher, experimenter, inventor…. Nikola, penultimate electrical engineer, inventor and visionary, and Viktor, forest ranger with uncanny insight to forests, water, soil, sensitive enough to perceive—and plug in to—the wheelwork of nature, aether.

    Their cosmic threads weave subtle and spectacular natural beauty and grace for humanity. Gifted with uncanny memory and powers of visualization, he was able to fully construct, develop and perfect inventions in his mind before committing anything to paper.

    Invariably, my device works as I conceived that it should, and the experiment comes out exactly as I planned it. In twenty years there has not been a single exception. And the fields Tesla greatly contributed to, such as computer science, robotics, remote control, radar, ballistics, nuclear physics…a comprehensive list would be astonishing.

    Thus for lives years in the future, the present is no someone who is 'ahead' of his time, gener- surprise.

    Philipp Forchheimer was asked concepts for which new acceptable words by the Austrian Government to investigate may have to be coined. Viktor's unusual theories.

    Through their col- n many instances therefore, when he came laboration, Forchheimer gradually became to describe these phenomena, Viktor uses not aware of the truth of Viktor's ideas, eventu- the conventional terminology of physics, ally insisting that Viktor put all his discover- chemistry or biology, etc.

    Forchheimer later con- tates the formation of new concepts through fided that he was delighted to have retired, additive nouns. Despite this and for lack of because he would now be relieved of the suitable technical vocabulary, their interpre- humiliating task of telling his students that tation and comprehension is still sometimes he had been teaching them rubbish for the extremely difficult, which in his writings he previous forty-five years.

    Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger & the Grace of Nature

    Wilhelm meaning of the above! Some individuals, however, Exner, President of the Austrian Academy of will obtain an indefinable inkling.

    However, in his writings tion to water temperature, was placed under they are often used merely as indicators of seal and on deposit at the Austrian Academy the theme under discussion and therefore of Science on January 1st, This was cannot always be taken literally. While stressing its would probably be considered one of the value, Forchheimer considered there to be no world's first 'greenies'; Dr. Richard St. Barbe point in publishing it at the time, because the Baker, founder of 'The Men of the Trees' in hydrological world was not ready.

    The sci- , and Viktor's friend, being another. It wasn't until that this docu- pages. At times, apparently in a trance-like ment was released to Viktor's son, Walter state, he wrote for hours on his typewriter Schauberger. Amongst other however, and saw to it that Viktor's pioneer- things, he set down all that he saw would ing theories on temperature and its effect on inevitably happen, if we did not mend our the movement of water were published in ways and change our whole approach to the in a series of articles in Die environment, both technologically and con- Wasserwirtschaft, the Austrian Journal of ceptually.

    All the various crises that are Hydrology. This showed Forchheimer to be today engulfing humanity, he foresaw as all that a true scientist should be, and rarely long ago as When questioned on the is.

    It demonstrated the honesty and humility accuracy of his predictions, he answered of a sincere academic who was prepared to 6 Living Energies accept that his former ideas had been wrong greater confusion and the necessity to elabo- and that current thinking could be changed; rate more and more complex theories to that there was another way of looking at explain the various functions of the physical things.

    Our great omission has been our total Viktor's aim was always to try to perceive disregard and our failure to come to grips in the dynamic reality behind what he saw as depth with the more ephemeral, unseen, yet physical illusion. He claimed, and rightly so, fundamental energetic causalities. Like the that by and large we human beings are negative mentioned in the quotation above, extremely superficial, looking for and only these energies manifest themselves only seeing direct relations between cause and indirectly, the physical constructs of the effect, whereas Nature always moves indi- outer physical world being a positive reflec- rectly.

    But worse than this, in our ignorance tion of their respective functions. What we of the unseen dynamic behind the seen mani- perceive as the foundation of physical reality festation, we mistake the effect for the cause, - a reality to which we have ascribed laws - greatly compounding this error by failing to is therefore only half of the truth, for in their see that an effect becomes the cause for a fur- dynamic these formative magnitudes con- ther effect in an endless chain of causes and form to a sublime inner law of energetic reci- effects.

    In this regard Viktor comments: procities which will be discussed more fully in chapters 3 and 4, and about whose mutual Our thinking is inconsistent with what we actu- interaction Viktor commented: ally see. The eye is a perfect, natural organ. The seen image is a reaction phenomenon. Using an Nature is not served by rigid laws, but by rhyth- artificial optical apparatus the same effect, for mical, reciprocal processes.

    Nature uses none of example, can only be obtained by a roundabout the preconditions of the chemist or the physicist for way, by means of a negative. The eye, on the the purposes of evolution. Nature excludes all fire other hand, immediately presents us with the dia- on principle for purposes of growth; therefore all positive, namely the true image. Nature avails matic transformation process, whereby the nega- herself of the biodynamic form of motion through tive image - like a photographic negative - i.

    Its purpose is to ur-procreate positive colour slide. Our thinking, however, is higher' conditions of matter out of the originally really a purely individual, conscious process and inferior raw materials, which afford the evolution- therefore learnable. If our thinking is to attain the ally older, or the numerically greater rising gener- same perfection as our seeing, then we must ation, the possibility of a constant capacity to change our way of thinking and learn to see real- evolve, for without any growing and increasing ity, not as an action, but as a reaction.

    Perfect reserves of energy there would be no evolution or thought lies in the apprehension of the correct development.

    This results first and foremost in the reaction, for before the eye can show us the posi- collapse of the so-called Law of the Conservation of tive, it must first transform the negative and in a Energy, and in further consequence the Law of certain manner must break up what it records.

    Gravity, and all other dogmatics lose any rational What we see, therefore, is the turning inside out of or practical basis. What our mind grasps in this way must be re-formed and re-thought if we wish In Viktor's view Western science and educa- to attain that for which we strive. Our civilisation suffered from a myopic compart- Our direct mental approach towards the mentalisation of the mind, which prevented understanding and investigation of natural a detached overview, a synthesis of what phenomena; our present materialistic and was observed: scientifically ingrained view that only the physically palpable and measurable repre- Today's science thinks too primitively; indeed it sents the true reality, has lead to greater and could be said that its thinking is an octave too 1: Who was Viktor Schauberger?

    It has still not ventured far enough into the cumbersome prototype was later followed realm of energy, and its attitude has remained by an egg-shaped device which was much purely materialistic. For this reason it is princi- smaller and far more efficient. When tested pally to blame for the state of affairs we are expe- to its extreme power, however, it developed riencing today.

    In all probability, this such powerful internal suction that even development was necessary, for how else should a mercury seals of extremely densely packed misguided humanity perceive the true interde- molecular structure were unable to with- pendencies? That is to say, instead of were present, which were absent under nor- moving forwards, they go backwards all the more mal conditions of operation, the Government rapidly in step with the improvements in the con- argued through its consultant Professor trary methods of motion.

    For only thus can Diering that the public could not be exposed today's teaching principles flourish. Laying heavy emphasis on this, all further use of the In contrast to contemporary science, Viktor machine for the regeneration and production saw will and spirit as the principal causative of spring-quality water and super-distilled forces of physical existence.

    They deploy water was forbidden. Indeed Viktor Schau- themselves through the agency of various berger's machine had evidently offended lower orders and magnitudes of energy somebody in high places, for it was con- belonging to the 4th and 5th dimensions, i. Of to save both the Rhine and the Danube from ethereal nature and endowed with very high total ruin was ultimately lost through their frequencies and formative potencies, they rejection of his practical suggestions.

    In early could also be termed 'potentialities', which he wrote a paper about the rehabilita- in their extremely sensitive and unstable tion of the Danube detailing the measures state of energetic equilibrium await the right that needed to be taken in order to reinstate stimulus and occasion to manifest them- it as the magnificent river it had been in days selves. In being able to speak of these higher of yore.

    This paper was included as a sepa- and therefore more powerfully and pro- rate chapter in "The Danube", a study foundly structuring dimensions of reality, undertaken by the International Danube Viktor's own comprehension of them must Commission and consisting of submissions have been at the level of the 6th dimension, a from the Danube's various contiguous coun- level where the encapsulation and under- tries.

    Perhaps this that Viktor's contribution had been incorpo- might be termed the dimension of rated into this major work, the whole edition 'throughth' or pure truth, a crystal-clear was recalled, destroyed and republished in transparency, a complete comprehension of October omitting the offending article, the wholeness devoid of all uncertainty and disregarding the publishing costs of the orig- unclarity.

    All worked with systems for water re- this happened largely due to the actions of generation and the production of high-qual- Viktor Schauberger's implacable antagonist ity drinking water for which patents were Dr.

    Ehrenberger, who hounded him wherever applied in see fig. This rather he went.

    This eventually provoked a sharp 8 Living Energies response from Viktor Schauberger largely in tions were always broken off at the last minute the form of a letter containing twenty-nine due to the receipt of untrue information? Forchheimer was able to demonstrate on anything more to do with me? Schauberger in Austria, word of his abilities Are you aware that Prof.

    Forscheimer and the statements contained in his then urged me to publish these observations in the recent book, Our Senseless Toil - the Source of Wasserwirtschaft and that the Professor himself the World Crisis17, evidently reached others saw to it that my articles were accepted for ears including those of Adolf Hitler. At a publication? Special in Danzig and other places demanded the imme- papers were arranged and all the documen- diate withdrawal of these articles otherwise they tation carried out within one day.

    Suddenly would officially cancel their subscriptions to this Viktor Schauberger left for Berlin and a scientific journal? Viktor's work thoroughly and was very Are you aware that with the encouragement of impressed with what he had learned. Assistant Secretary, Engineer Kober I stated my Thirty minutes had been allocated for the preparedness to explain the principles of my sys- discussions, which Prof. Max Planck had tem of river regulation publicly at the Technical been requested to attend as scientific adviser University for Agricultural Science?

    This at the last minute by the Rector, Dr. He Are you aware the Federal Austrian Forestry contrasted this with all the processes of nat- Department had to pay A. Are you aware that your articles created great When Viktor had finished his explana- difficulties for me in the German Patent Office, tions, Max Planck, who had remained silent, because there I was apparently held to be a liar was asked his opinion about Viktor's natural and a swindler? His response was the remarkable Are you aware that I have entered into negotia- and revealing statement that "Science has tions with the widest variety of Foreign nothing to do with Nature".

    As a over his head, by now hardened to setbacks result, the Third Reich would last only ten and with indomitable courage and a mind instead of the boasted 1, years. Viktor never still for a moment, Viktor quietly con- was not far out in his estimate!

    His main drive was to During the earlier part of the discussion, investigate phenomena and correlations that Hitler had been enthusiastic, but he became interested him. Once he had discovered that greatly perturbed at what he had just heard something worked, he noted the fact, and and ordered his technical and economic then got on with the next project. He was advisers, Messrs.

    Keppler and Wiluhn, to never very interested in commercialising his discuss with Schauberger what could be discoveries. Once outside the door these two men As ever he pursued ways of generating demanded to know how Viktor had got in energy with water through the interaction of there in the first place.

    Angered at their tru- complementary, but opposite, forms of culently condescending air, he replied energy, i. Viktor following morning. Keppler and Wiluhn, also saw that suction and pressure could be however, were to get their revenge later after used in similar fashion on the same axis to the Anschluss on March 13th, In In Vienna later that year, at one moment he successfully applied for patents for while taking tea with Mrs Mada Primavesi, a an air-turbine, which made use of a cen- well-known figure in the upper echelons of tripetal 'compressor' and rifled central society, Viktor excused himself saying that exhaust pipe Austrian patent no.

    World War wounds at the nearby Vienna Although all trace of them has since been University clinic, to assess his eligibility for a lost, the device described in these later continuing war pension.

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