Make Your life easier by using this app to track trips for personal, business, reimbursement or tax deduction purposes. It's easy to use and makes most of work. Do you still use a paper log book in your business vehicles? Copying the tachometer numbers, making up trip purposes and all the boring stuff? Just forget . TripTracker is the law conform interactiv and automatic mobile logbook. Android Trip Tacker is a automatic mileage logbook with, GPS Tracking, Geocoding.

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    Travel Log Book

    Travel Logs is an automated vehicle logbook which uses the GPS to log your trips for mulitple vehicles. Complies with ATO logbook format. Features realtime. Travel Log Book [Journals For All] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Portable 6x9 Inches Travel Log Get Your Copy Today! Includes . Travel Log Book: Camping RV Trailer Travel Log Camping Journal Record Tracker for 60 Trips with Prompts for Writing, Detail of Campground, Rating 6 x 9 ( RV.

    Traditionally, this has meant filling out entries in a book from a local newsagency, which is simple enough. Or to make sure that the logbook does not fall victim to the mysterious black holes that exist in glove boxes and filing cabinets? To solve this, a number of apps have been developed where you can log your travel on your phone using GPS data, and then email that report to yourself or straight to your accountant. The ATO have since acknowledged that as long as you can get access to the logbook in English at any time you want, they are happy to accept it. This means we can chuck out another annoying wad of paper and make our record keeping lives so much easier. With that in mind, we decided to road test some of the apps available to help make this process nice and easy. Remember, anything you spend on these logbook apps is tax deductible! The design is simple and effective which makes it easy to setup and enter trips.

    Business use percentage of the vehicle The purpose of the vehicle log book is to show the business use percentage of the vehicle. The business-use percentage broadly is the business kilometres for the year divided by the total kilometres travelled obtained from odometer records.

    All relevant matters should be taken into account though, including log book, odometer and any other records kept, and a variation in the pattern of business use throughout the year due to things like holidays or seasonal factors As a general rule, the higher the business-use percentage: under FBT — the lesser the amount of FBT payable under income tax — the greater the deductions that may be claimed for work-related car expenses What are the requirements for a valid log book?

    The requirements for maintaining a log book for income tax and FBT purposes are mostly the same, although there are some small differences. The main difference is that an FBT log book applies to the relevant FBT year that is, ending March 31 while an income tax log book applies to an income year that is, ending June Things to be mindful of when using a log book include: The log book is valid for five years After the fifth year, a new log book will need to be kept.

    A new one can be started at any time for example, if it no longer reflects the business use. You can also obtain extra help through to app as to what is likely to be personal vs. The best feature we found was the audit report that is produced in addition to the logbook record.

    Travel Logs - Vehicle Logbook

    This audit report records what time the trip took place and what time the trip was logged so you can determine if an employee is backdating the logbook and not keeping it up to date. The design is excellent, and the navigation through each step is easy to follow with an unlimited number of motor vehicles that can be entered.

    Entries are easy to record, and you can search and filter through past trips with a simple touch. From a record keeping view, having the data export into excel format only is not perfect but will suffice for ATO purposes.

    Simplest Solutions This method does not require an app. If you are a subscriber to InterSync, simply take a photo of your Odometer reading before and after a trip and send it to the team.

    Motor vehicle records -

    They will use the pics to create a legitimate logbook for you, how easy is that? Also include a photo attachment.

    Route Recording Record the route you took for a trip. Routes will be plotted on the map and can be exported as a GPX file. Places Geo-Fencing Automatically start and end trips when you depart or arrive at a place.

    Vehicle Maintenance and Service Logs Keep track of each of your vehicles maintenance and service records. Bluetooth Device Support Automatically start and stop trips when connected to your vehicle's bluetooth hands-free device.