CS CRT: Rectangular with internal graticule. Approx. 2 kV. 8 x 10 div (1 div = 10 mm). Type: Acceleration Voltage: Display Area: VERTICAL AXIS (CH1. 20MHZ DUAL TRACE OSCILLOSCOPE. CS CS CS S. IND. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. 1. AM. KENWOOD CORPORATION. KENWOOD. W. Download KENWOOD CS SM OSCILLOSCOPE service manual To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program.

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    Kenwood Cs-4025 Pdf

    To ensure this level of quality, Kenwood used a large number of original hybrid ICs. In-house designed hybrid ICs are used for the main circuitry of the CS . KENWOOD CSpdf - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. £ (No VAT). Download a PDF document for Second Hand Kenwood CS- Dual Trace Oscilloscope With Leads. Fast UK delivery. Worldwide delivery.

    Posts: 2, Re: Help fixing Kenwood oscilloscope? Herald The pen body solution had occurred to me but to be honest it struck me as putting too few millimetres between my fingers and the kilovolts in question. I understand your idea about the precautionary earthed shield but If the voltage decided to flash over from the resistor chain to the shield I wouldn't be able to see it happen. I had considered putting my piece of perspex inside something wider, like a plastic syringe body. The high voltage probes I can remember seeing in the past all had very thick tubular bodies, although they were perhaps intended for use on tens of kilovolts rather than just two. Karl, that's a good point: You think that perhaps a mere 10M will place too great a load on the circuit to be investigated? The problem is that the higher I go, the more the input resistance of the meter - its 'ohms per volt', if we were talking about a passive analogue voltmeter - becomes part of the circuit being measured. Put simply, if the meter itself has an input resistance of 10M and I place it across a 10M resistor to make a voltage measurement, the voltage I'll see will be equivalent to what it would be if the resistor was a 5M resistor rather than 10M. This problem becomes worse the higher the resistance value used for the resistors in the divider chain.

    Check out his feedback. For the display scale real thick glass is used. Today were showcasing the restoration of a customer Pioneer SX Receiver. Experience the Marantz Difference. We do it all, from tubes and transistors to Mosfets and Class D amps.

    Chances are someone else has seen the same symptom and can offer their solutions. Minfo Com Home. We specialize in high end and vintage audio equipment repair and restoration. It hung around for quite awhile before finally being discontinued. True, modern gear runs much hotter for various reasons, and surface-mount electrolytics don't cope well with heat. I used Racal 1. Main power supply filter capacitors in audio equipment have primarily a dual function - one is to filter out any ripple from the bridge-rectified DC, which would otherwise manifest in your audio as a 60Hz or higher-order harmonic hum.

    When it comes to home audio, we know that music sounds better coming from a vintage power amp. I love the look of this receiver. Vintage HiFi Repair Unfortunately being a Quadraphonic receiver the QTA is fairly complicated with many boards, front panel switches and controls and heaps of Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions.

    Love these vintage Sherwood receivers. These items have been collected from many sources. This vintage Kenwood receiver from the late 's is no exception. First, verify that the antenna is connected. My cable box Scientific Atlanta HD is hooked to my receiver through component cable and digital optical, this is where the problem occurs. We will send you a thank you email and put your name here unless you request otherwise. Now I'm going to start removing boards in this Marantz for further repair and restoration.

    I ain't gonna lie. An expression of timeless elegance, in my opinion. It is with great sorrow that we announce our founder, Jim Showker, passed away on Friday, March 30th, The process can seem a little intimidating, but not if you proceed carefully and methodically to rule out each possibility.

    Agon mbr - Ezekiel has a lot of experience repairing, modding vintage gear. One made for transistor circuits will not work. I ran into the same problem on a HB receiver. Skip to main content. An FM receiver is actually two receivers in one, that is, an audio receiver and an RF receiver.

    After troubleshooting I found a shorted diode on the function indicator board. Any ideas? Pioneer SX Receiver The single-handedly opened a new chapter in receiver history: the era of the ultra-high-powered receiver. Kenwood has been producing reliable audio receivers for years, several of which are 5.

    Davidson] on Amazon. Please note that items here are free and may not be the quality of purchased items. Please feel free to call me at or email me at sunfirebill1 gmail. I was amazed to find that I liked the old Technics sound better, in particular with CD's. Shop with confidence. But no sound will come out of this guy. This is to protect the public from the risk of electric shock. However, it's restoration is now finally coming together.

    Searching for a Marantz Service Center? The service center locater below will help you find your nearest Marantz Service Center. A proven bestseller on audio equipment diagnosis and repair is revised and updated with the addition of flowcharts throughout the book to appeal to professional electronics technicians and intermediate-to advanced-level hobbyists.

    I you do this, remember that there is dangerous live current inside it, and don't touch anything inside, except the usual controls and such on the outside that you would touch anyway in normal use. Vacuum tubes increase the power of the vibrations, so that the audio frequencies embedded in the RF wave are powerful enough to be heard. I am trying to connect my turntable with no pre-amp through an old Sansui receiver and a Sonos Connect so I can listen to vinyl through my Play:1s throughout the house.

    Some receivers have a screw-in fuse in the back of the unit that can be removed and inspected easily, while others may have Kenwood receiver powers on and lights up but no sound I have a Kenwood Eleven that powers up and all lights work, meters move, timer works, etc.

    This MCS is considered a "Monster" receiver and is actually well built and a great performer. I repair vintage tube and solid-state transmitters, receivers, transceivers, linear amplifiers, and accessories. Stream content to remote rooms with Bluetooth-enabled speakers or choose from Home Theater and Dolby Atmos-enabled Elite speaker systems. Please link back to it from your website if you find it helpful, as others can benefit from it as well.

    Soon after, was hardly enough to get into the game. Noted for their sleek design, power and multiple options for connecting components, Denon receivers can provide many years of excellent performance.

    A big thumbs up for Ezekiel Randy Young. Make sure the transformer you plan to use is designed for tube applications.

    Why can't I get sound from my receiver? If you are not getting any sound from the receiver, check the following: 1.

    I'd be extremely concerned if your receiver was anything like 85c inside. Some receiver designs use a separate tube for the oscillator. Thanks, jrayton Hifi Manuals Free The vintage hifi free downloads: Looking for information about your vintage stereo equipment, your vintage amp!

    Vintage hifi the website offers you the possibility to download: manuals, service manual, owners manual, operating instructions, diagrams, test benches, brochures, catalogs among brands list below, without limitation without registration.

    I've had this model through my shop before, as well as a couple of other 22xx receivers and they're well built and generally pretty straightforward to service. We do repairs on most any audio amplifier in Connecticut, including musical instrument amps, hi-fi, vintage audio, vacuum tube audio, equalizers, processors and similar equipment.

    That's not the case. Find great deals on eBay for vintage receivers repair.

    Kenwood Hybrid IC KMA01 - diyAudio

    Sansui R Troubleshooting self. Well look no further! Stereo Repair. Find the user manual you need for your audio device and more at ManualsOnline. The first stereo receiver with quartz-synchronization for the FM band. Antique radio repair, restoration and speaker reconing by Vintage Radio. Please check the photos and you will see just how nice this unit is.

    Denon manufactures and sells high-end audio-video receivers for home theater applications. This ultra-rare receiver was in absolutely horrible condition after having been stored outside for decades, wrapped-up in a tarp.

    I have removed the Luxman R receiver chassis from it's wood case. Im a newbie to this particular group, one can usually find me on the Rec. Troubleshooting your radio equipment is easier than you think.

    You can scroll through the list to find the brand you are interested in and then read the titles for specific information on the model etc. So I figured the best route to go would be a full restoration. I hung ohm resistors across 'em and that made it much better but not perfect at the cost of a dB or 2 of sensitivity. AV Receivers. Pinball forums, but I happen to have a querry that seems would be better suited to this group for help. Perform the following tests and you will likely solve the problem.

    If your vintage speaker is in good working order, you'll find this will work just fine. Verify if Receiver is on right input for audio and video. Great share. Ask about the vintage gear you found at your thrift or on Craigslist. DIY Hi-Fi: Vintage Receiver Repair and Modification: The amplifier in an audio system serves as the central command unit in a way, as it takes the audio from the source, amplifies it, and sends it to the speakers. Reply to Thread. Check the speaker wire connections on the back of the receiver and the back of each speaker.

    Kenwood Cs 4025

    Make sure the receiver antenna on your RC is properly installed, not twisted or broken, not touching metal parts inside the RC, and not dragging on the ground.

    If your receiver is still on the fritz, you may have blown a real fuse. Immerse yourself in the ultimate vinyl and digital sound experience using high-end turntables and Blu-ray disc players.

    Also information about radio restoration, parts sources, vintage Phonographs, tube amplifiers, vacuum tubes and tube testers, and vintage test equipment. Sansui recap and restore I got a to recap and restore from a local to me audio enthusiast Hi Greg! Verified Experts are often available online to answer your questions and clarify doubts from the comfort of your home at a reasonable cost. Ensure you have clamped down on the bare wire and the wires are not touching. With any vintage stereo repair or restoration there is always a lot of cleaning to do.

    The primary distinguishing feature of the "80" models from the "50" models that preceded them was the switch to black meter faces with white characters for better legibility. What I found worked was to take off the cover and blow all the dust out with compressed air, and then hook it up to some speakers and crank it for a bit half volume or so. It will show you a step-by-step manual on what you need to do. It has FM and AM tuners and produces 14 watts per channel.

    I ended up getting a super mint Marantz receiver from the 70's along with a pair of Klipsch Heresy II speakers that was also in excellent condition. Are able to handle 'shipped in' repairs. Even if your Kenwood receiver isn't 5. Well, maybe not. It was hooked up with speakers tested with turntable and it sounded very good, plenty of power.

    In any case, if you plan to do further troubleshooting, you may wish to plug in and turn on your receiver before re-attaching the casing, to try it out. But there's every chance the Cs in your Marantz are just fine.

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    Serious AV Receivers with audio and video performance that brings all of your home entertainment to life. Vintage Receiver issues 33 posts and the short term fix was to twist the knob back and forth while there is nothing playing. I did plug in some head phones and could hear sound very low with the volume all the way up. Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide SAFETY The only danger to you in most audio equipment and the other devices covered in this document is from the AC line connection if any and getting sucked into any mechanical people traps.

    Get tips and tricks from other users. The Kenwood Model KR stereo receiver is a product that has been perfected through many years of developmental efforts by an engineering team that takes great pride in its long tradition of quality high fidelity component design.

    Overheated, now powers on but can't get anything to work on it, including the radio. Sunfire Amps, Receivers and Processors: I can refurbish your Sunfire amplifier receiver or processor and return it to its original factory Mossberg Magnum Autoloader Troubleshooting. I believe it was on the market from around late up until about If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

    Use the adjustment I have a MCS from and it hums on all inputs. You might be surprised if you fired up a vintage Marantz with the rest of your current system.

    An advantage of these oscilloscopes over conventional scopes is that stable triggering is possible without complicated adjustments. High-precision with Cursors Digital Measurement only CS With two cursors, the digital measurement of voltages, voltage ratios and phase differences of waveforms displayed on the CRT screen is simple.

    Also, for delay sweep, the delay time is displayed, so that human errors resulting from visual checking can be avoided and accurate results can be acquired. Operation Operation Panel Laid Out for Easy Lever switches and push-button switches are provided to set functions with a single action.

    Delay Powerful 3-Channel Oscilloscopes: Second-to-none in Quality and Performance The CS and CS are powerful oscilloscopes designed for true quality using the latest technology to provided a full range of functions.

    They combine an excellent basic performance with 3-channel, 8-trace operation. Various other features include real delay sweep, high intensity CRT, high sensitivity, etc.

    Their functions and performance set them apart from the competition. They will show their full power when used as engineering tools. Horizontal Video Signal Vertical Video Signal Single Sweep for the Measurement of Transient Events This single sweep shows its capability for the measurement of the waveforms of one-time and transient events or unexpected phenomena.

    Usually, cameras are used for the observation of these waveforms rather than direct observation. To meet the needs of simultaneous observation of various kinds of signals, a 3-channel 8-trace function is employed which enables the observation of the waveforms of three signals at the same time.

    To simplify measurement, push-button switches and lever switches are used so that functscions can be set with a single action. Automatic Triggering FIX to Solve Complicated Triggering Problems The sync level is controlled automatically according to the amplitude of the waveform to maintain accurate synchronization. Single Sweep for the Measurement of Transient Events This single sweep shows its capability for the measurement of the waveforms of one-time and transient events or unexpected phenomena.

    Simply m o v e the cursor to the desired point and read the data value. This greatly simplifies the usually t r o u b l e s o m e t a s k o f making r e a d i n g s f r o m the CRT screen, thereby reducing errors as well. A n d using sweep magnification x 10 , the horizontal axis can be instantly expanded fold, enabling detailed observations of the most complex signal.

    The CS uses a sampling technique at high sampling speeds faster than O. At low sweep speeds 0. This convenience is further augmented by such functions as readout and cursor measurement, making the CS a truly new-concept scope from those who should know about new concepts-kenwood. Equivalent waveform -3dB sampling enables observation up to periodicmhz When the sweep time is set to 0.

    Automatically switching to conventional 40MHz oscilloscope mode frees the operation to observe waveforms rather than the oscilloscope At sweep ranges of 0. This happens even if the scope was operating in the sampling m o d e, without the operator having to worry about when to switch modes. It thus preserves the "feel" of a conventional 11 scope, while offering the benefits of sampling. This enables easy checking during measurement and means that a single photograph of the screen provides a complete record of the measurement, including such vital setting information.

    When the PC probe is used, the displayed vertical sensitivity is automatically scaled to x i o. Convenient vert mode A vert mode is provided which automatically switches the sweep trigger source to the vertical-axis mode.

    Sufficient dynamic range enables accurate waveform display free from distortion Vertical axis signal output Observation of intensity-modulated waveforms Trace rotation adjustment from the front panel Hybrid ICs Ensure High Quality and Reliability By adopting the same design philosophy as used in top-of-the-line scopes, the Kenwood design team has produced the CS Series with the quality that makes it truly worthy of the name Kenwood.

    To ensure this level of quality, Kenwood used a large number of original hybrid ICs. The large CRT 12kV with illuminated scales and inner graticule The large, dome-mesh, post-accelerator 12kV type CRT of these scopes provides a both high intensity and excellent resolution, while completely eliminating parallax except CS The sensitivity is extremely powerful in measurements on complex, low-level signals. Instantly selectable TV sync Horizontal and vertical video signalscan be instantly selected for observation, with stable triggering achieved without the need for trigger adjustment.

    Real Alternate. Delay Sweep The intensity-modulated, expanded part of the main sweep A and the expanded waveform of the delay sweep B can be observed at the same time.

    Unique Tilt Stand A tilt stand with two tilt angles is provided as standard for flexibility. This is particularly convenient for demonstrations at clients' sites and field servicing. Scopes that Combine on Outstanding Performance with Go-anywhere Portability "From the work bench to the field" CS series oscilloscopes are compact oscilloscopes designed with this in mind.

    You can take them with you anywhere, anytime. They combine excellent specifications with a great performance, packed in a compact body. By attaching a battery pack, they demonstrate their excellent performance when used in the field.

    They are the ideal oscilloscopes for the field servicing of various electronic components and office, factory and home automation equipment including computers, facsimile units and copiers. Other features CH1 output signal convenient for buffer amp Any power supply voltage from 90 AC to V can be used without switching only CS, In AC operation, battery charging can be done at the same time as waveform observation only CS, An external V DC power supply can be connected, ideal for making waveform observations in an automobile, etc.

    Connect a rechargeable battery for operation anytime, anywhere only CS, Options Carrying cases: MC MC with battery Hood: BF-7 Compact and light portable oscilloscopes Oscilloscopes you can take to field service sites for precise measurements you can trust. Stable sync, can be achieved at all times. ALT trigger for the Synchronization of Two Signals Even when the CH1 and CH2 signals have different frequencies, the alternate trigger system accurately synchronizes each signal for the observation of stable waveforms.

    Convenient dual trigger For single and dual-trace displays, automatic trigger source selection is performed. Also, an auto free-run function is provided for CH1 and C H 2 independently, enabling stable triggering for one waveform even if the other waveform is not present. These features make the CSA a truly multi-purpose oscilloscope.

    Simultaneous dual-trace pattern display and lissajous ment of the phase between the two signals, may be displayed simultaneously with the waveforms. The sweep frequency covers the range of 10Hz to kHz, in addition to internal sync, external sync may also be used. By disabling the sweep.

    Turntable Needles

    Lissajous patterns may also be displayed. This enables to put in narrow space and in suitable for use production benches and portable applications. This enables to put in narrow space and in suitable for use in production benches. This oscilloscope is ideal for observing waveforms. It can be used in a wide range of application for not only production process but also service and educational purposes. By employing protective circuitry damage caused by static electricity and excessive inputs can be avoided to the maximum extent.

    The probes have a wide frequency response, so that high-frequency signals can be transmitted with high reliability. The output impedance of the probe is set to 50 ohm, so that it can be directly connected to high frequency measurement equipment.

    By connecting a TA feed-through ohm terminal resistor, it can be connected to an oscilloscope with an input impedance of 1 Mohm.

    A variety of adapters are provided for different purposes. Capture High-frequency signals reliably HF Series low-capacity FET probes To take a best advantage of the performance of an oscilloscope, the characteristics of the probe through which the signal enters the oscilloscope are most important.

    Most oscilloscope probes have a large input capacity and this imposes a load on non-measuring circuits, which has an adverse influence when measuring high-speed pulses and high-frequency signals. To solve this problems, Kenwood has developed a series of low-capacity FET probes.